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Connection & Purpose:
No amount of earthly resources are adequate enough to replace trust, freedom and love.

All Slices Define the Pie:
Some people just have pretentious, narcissistic & provably stupid standards for what equality means to them.

The Brutality Of Pseudo-Intellectualism:
Humans bullying humans... to find out which is the better human.
Such is the idiocy of egotistical competition.

​The Internet:
I always find it rather amusing regarding all the time, effort and genius it took to create this world-wide communication network so that primates can use it to sling proverbial poo at each other from across the planet.

Unnatural Concerns:
People that don't believe in naturally occurring ultimatums are an annoyance.
People that believe in fabricating ultimatums in social situations as a form of coercive force are a concern.

Discovering Humility:
Where the fool says "I have defined", the wise say "we have been defined."

Knowledge of Limitations:
Knowing what you don't know is more important than your ability to reason your assumptions. Realistically speaking, many that lack understanding of basic Epistemology live lives filled with assumption and call them truths.
Memetics, mimetics, and egocentrism are no substitutes for the critical analysis of the self.

Law of Authoritative Sabotage:
The higher the demand of an authority, the more checks and balances are skipped to meet expected data/deadlines, and the farther away the official outcome drifts away from objective truth and accurate data.

Law of Social Stratification:
Any largely homogeneous majority who's socio-legal opportunity/community-access is metered by narrow narcissistic expectations and demands will shift the blame of obstacles caused by bigotry, stigma, double standards and self-serving biases (applied against benign minorities) to invented illness, incompetence & faux-antisocial behavior.

Truth is not Controlled by People:
The day people can legally live free of the assumptions of others is the day humankind is truly free.

Cowardly Tactics:
The people that start a war are always the weakest, they act on fear.
They're also the loudest to complain when struck back... for the same reason.

Intellectual Dishonesty:
Those that live their lives by assumptions and call them truths are foremost liars and second most fools.

Assuming Isn't Analysis:
To question oneself is to think.

Narcissistic Bigotry, Irrational Expectations:
No one can tell you about the 'way' you're 'supposed to be'.
Such simple creatures that do so are then questioning the right of the Universe to create other creatures diversely different than oneself.
Only a true narcissist would question such things.

Fight Fire With Loud Objection:
Restlessness and disruptive behavior has it's place among people with conscience and communities without one.

Judge Thyself:
Those that mistreat you invalidate their position to judge you... especially if what they're judging is your reaction to their mistreatment of you.

Mundane & Talentless:
Normalcy is conformity to lowest common denominator of what humanity has to offer.

Etiological Consequentialism:
Those that nurture injustice often inevitably suffer its consequences.

Intelligence is not just how much you know, but what you know and how you apply it.

Competitive Confabulation:
You can not 'create' truth, although many build from ignorance.

Authoritarian Cures:
Stigmas are created to manufacture struggle, which is then used to coerce treatment.
This is the business model of Fascism.

Character & Depth:
The maturity and character of a person resides in knowing how truly insignificant they are while knowing how significant their actions can be.

Experience Of Importance:
A broken heart makes it that much easier to spread, but also requires support to keep it from blowing away.

Humility, above all else, is the truest test of intellect.

Social Pragmatism:
The difference between Ethics and Business protocols is that you don't get to choose when you follow your Ethics.
This is what defines them as Ethics.

Disorders Out Of Order
Sometimes people don't have disorders, their life is full of disorder.
Due to demanding, abusive, controlling people.

Simple Minds, Simple Beliefs:
Some people feel threatened by diversity.
These people are called narcissists.

There Will Be Mud:
When you're obsessed with truth and justice, and world at large is obsessed with egotism, self-serving biases and agendas, there will be conflict.

Osmotic Presumption:
People are incorrectly taught that flawed social convention is common sense, & that oppressed/isolated people lack sense or self awareness.

Generational Karma:
You put out negative things, you create a negative environment, you get negative back.

Skipping Steps:
Many Individuals are trying to compete when they struggle to just sustain.

Third World In The First World:
I live in a world where it seems a majority have imaginary excuses and a minority are overlooked while they have physical borders.

Labels Are Prisons:
I have no problem with being neutral, I have a problem being forced into the negative under the guise of neutrality.
Labels are not neutral.

Reaffirming Presuppositional Intuition:
Many lie about "facts" that contradict actual academic studies.
Their egotistical intuition supersedes their literacy level.

Faked Death:
Some elitists seek to be blanketed in praise; in the end they drown in their egos.
There is rarely anything one can do to convince people that their self-serving egocentric personal incredulity & accompanying condescending arrogance = crap

Free From Thought And Diversity:
Too many believe that bullying heals the illnesses of freedom and skepticism.

Justice Or Death:
Accusatory therapy and other bulveristic treatments are not medicine.
Stigma, negative socio-legal labels, coercion & lying are not part of any healing process.

Machiavellian Red Flag :
Avoid those that state accuracy does not matter.

There are so many people that waste time.
They seek self importance, not the opportunity to help others.

Infectious Inertia:
Stigma can transfer from one system to another.
Via paperwork, gossip, the internet, or misplaced trust.

No Friend Of Wisdom:
People that haven't studied philosophy shouldn't speak on philosophy, they're bound to make the same mistakes of those made before them.

Self Deification:
Often people bully because they want to feel like they're part of a superior elite group.
But they can't grasp humility or intellectual honesty.

Comparative Insiderism:
Many bullies often look for the least aggressive/connected person they can find for sure dominance.
Often they hunt in groups.

You, Robot:
Too often we witness people pathologically yes-manning bureaucratic expectations, demands & stereotyping.
Slaves of confirmation bias.

Toxic Stress:
Stress is to downtime as toxic items are to cancer.
Exposure increases probability and affects future generations

Sentient Survivalism:
Conscience is strength.
Courage is power.
Action is demonstration.

Connective Reason:
Love, respect and trust.
At the very least 1 of 3 are required for life to have meaning.

Sanity Defense:
Confronting problems isn't a weakness.
Avoiding them and offering up fallacies as excuses however indicates strong weakness.

Coordinate Reality Model:
Emotion is the punctuation of importance (and the strength of connection).

Stand Up, Grow:
Few things are braver than changing and challenging yourself and allowing criticism while maintaining honest critical thought about the world around you.

Populist Heroism:
There is always a decision to be made in regards to being brave or self-righteous.
Often culture tries convinces us the two can be the same.

Opinion Dictatorship:
People that are oblivious of how gossip and paperwork can do extreme damage often victim-blame & discount those effected/affected by it.

Systematically Breaking Down Walls:
My repetition is derived from my passion for the improbable:
To get through to egotists about important ideas via slight changes in repetitious delivery

Endgame Tally:
The most important notches on the board aren't the injustices done to you, it's the good you do regardless.

Political Manipulation:
I have no problem with being neutral, I have a problem being forced into the negative under the guise of neutrality.
Labels are not neutral.

Dependency On Egotists:
People often foster insecurity in others to build up their own superiority complexes
The solution to this is teaching that listening = smart

Quaking Truths:
It's a cultural phenomenon, to bully people with projectionary deficits/abuse until the person becomes unstable. "Ego bullying". It doesn't make the person wrong, it's makes them disturbed; they shake when telling the truth to cruel and stubborn egotists.

Rejection Is Not Domination:
People keep immaturely assuming that if I'm against their egotism I must be for my own egotism.
I'm for epistemological due process.

Self-serving Confabulation:
If there is no experimentation, then it's not science, it's irrational self serving egotism, usually steeped in expectations and biases.

Beauty :
Abusive egos aren't attractive.

Experiential Falling:
We all stumble.

Truth Beyond Time:
Humility and Honesty reign.

The Dare:
Defy your presumptuous ego.

Connection, Loyalty:
Size of heart matters.

Enclosed Planet:
Everything concerns the living.

Dust Doesn't Win Anything:
Proportionate retaliation doesn't exist.
Proportionate forgiveness does.

The Circle Of Life:
Cure injustice. Forgive trespassers.

Stopping Inertia:
Iatrogenic stigma exists. So do corrections.

Ill enough to heal.

Uncertain Presumptuousness:
Smart enough to understand humility.

Awareness is intelligence:
Listen to those you accuse.

Stop Struggling:
Don't fight for love. Save it instead.

Infallibility Of Honesty:
Humility and innocence past the test of time.

Let It Be:
Paint enemies as friends and give them fair options.
Or leave them and stop trying to convert them.

The History of Social Justice & The Activation of Inquiry:
If you want to see social justice, use injustice to inconvenience a rich man or politician.
If you want to see immediate progress, use extreme injustice to inconvenience everyone.

The Author in Authority:
Authority is a dirty word meaning "presumer of great ego".

Kill the Ego, Feed the Soul:
A person is not naive for casting aside assumption and condescension, although it may open one up to attacks by insecure opportunists.

Respect Your Ignorance:
Condescension is the height of immaturity.

Variety is Company:
If we were all the same, we would all (technically) die alone.

The Flaw of Forced Exams:
Lack of cooperation is not the same as lack of capability.

Power and Direction:
There is no peace without justice.

Boundaries Define Reality:
People free of social accountability quickly become pretentious, presumptuous and pompous.

Egocentric Stability:
Narcissists very often meet criticism (including that of their assumptions/projections) with derision.

Social Court:
Everything you say about others is open sworn testimony in 'social court'.
Never underestimate the power of loose lips and brash assumptions.

The Great Divide Between Beliefs and Proofs:
Records of assumptions and confirmation bias do not prove that assumptions are true.
There must be sequential proof. Otherwise it's just a mess of beliefs.

Convenient Lies:
The difference between an open guess and an presumptuous statement is that an presumptuous statement is a lie people tell themselves in order to avoid the truth of their ignorance.

"Corrupt" Youthful Eyes:
Honest people disrupt dishonest societies.

Broken Minds:
A lack of love breeds bitter insanity. The world is already bitter. So love.

Social Politics:
The problem with society is that there is so much organized dishonesty.

End Game:
Presumptions Solve Nothing.

To Serve Man:
It is not wise to serve a society that rejects intellectual honesty and due process.

"Social Justice":
The problem with some factions is that they exploit problems to up their own social status, and often exploit others to do so as well.

Atlas, Shrug.:
One cannot be docile and industrious at the same time.

The Nature of Separatist Factions:
Groups often exclude and abuse the same outsiders to demonstrate the perceived power of groups/groupthink.

Modern Classism:
People's lives appear to be run by narrative confabulation; to encourage beliefs in social hierarchy, groupthink and outgroup prejudice.

Monetized Stigmatization:
Class exploitation still occurs. Stigmatized individuals regularly become taps for public funding/power; often abused and bullied.

Crazy Wise:
An honest person studies to see if they're wrong, they don't just go seeking confirmation bias.

The Birth of a Cycle:
Flawed prejudicial induction leads to flawed prejudicial deduction. Thus the cycle is born.

Be wary of those that declare there is no room for debate and reject the requirement of proof.
Conjecture & appeals to fallacies ≠ Laws.

Same Old Same Old:
Presumptuous Procedural Inertia is Obstructionist in Nature.
Often used to support the Status Quo, Cultural Hegemony & System Justification.

Pendulum Politics:
Back and forth as groups reach too far, sending the populous the other way

Status Over Actualization:
Social Climbing is a Disease.

Titanic Whoppers:
If loose lips can sink ships then false accusations can sink lives.

Cry Me a River:
​There is no discipline in pushing outdated theories as fundamentals or common sense.

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